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Canticut ID scarfing system


Canticut is a unique cantilever ID scarfing system for large diameter heavy wall pipe production. Rigid and precise operation makes it suitable for the most demanding products.

The first ID scarfing system based upon the Canticut design was built in 1968. Most of the Canticut ID scarfing systems sold over the past 50 years are still in operation today, a testimonial to the simple and robust design of this equipment. EHE purchased Canticut Systems in 2004 following the passing of its founder.

The Canticut system uses a short, cantilevered mandrel attached to a heavily fabricated anchor stand mounted between the last fin pass and welding contacts or coil. The anchor stand has a pivot block activated by a hydraulic cylinder. This allows the mandrel to pivot down, bringing the cutting tool out of the cut when butt welds pass or the mill stops. Because Canticut units do not use any bottom support rolls, weld spume and other debris cannot be rolled into the tube. The mandrel has no moving parts, and there are no hydraulics within the tube which greatly simplifies operation and maintenance. Quick change impeders and tool holders are used to minimize downtime. Cutting depth is quickly and easily adjusted from the operator’s side in the weld zone while the tube is running.

Most Canticut ID scarfing systems will accept a variety of different types of cutting inserts by virtue of interchangeable tool holders. Ring tool holders offer a low profile and strong self-centering action, making them an excellent choice for smaller pipe sizes where smaller mandrels are required. Double end tombstone inserts are inexpensive and offer excellent durability for scarfing high alloy steels in larger diameters and wall thicknesses.

Canticut ID scarfing systems - Optional HMI controls

Optional HMI controls

Canticut ID scarfing systems - Canticut Tool holders

Canticut Tool holders

Canticut ID scarfing systems - Canticut rectangular impeder

Canticut rectangular impeder